Pizza Lovers Tokyo June 2014 Dinner #6: Da Isa - Naka-Meguro

Thu, 19 Jun 2014 19:00 - 20:30 JST

Da Isa

Center gate Exit Ticket gates JR Naka-Meguro station @ 19:15.


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Free admission
Expect around 3000 yen. Shared price for food, drinks paid individually.


Our 6th event is a re-run to Da Isa in Naka-meguro, one of the most famous restaurants in Tokyo, especially for the people that missed the previous reservation!

Meeting time and place: Center gate Exit Ticket gates JR Naka-Meguro station @ 18:50.

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Pizzaiolo Hisanori Yamamoto picked up a string of trophies in Naples on his way to opening his own shop – and that seems to be where he got his sense of aesthetics too.

And the pizza? Damn near perfect. You'd be hard pressed to find a pizza in Tokyo that betters Yamamoto's sour-dough creations (and they're almost always his creations: the man barely strays from the oven during opening hours). The margherita is textbook stuff, while off-kilter innovations like the Shiori (mozzarella, prawns in shell, tomato, rucola and parmigiano) are also well worth a try. Too bad that Yamamoto ditched his excellent calzones, though he's kept the deep-fried pizze fritta if you're looking for a real artery clogger. The menu also offer a decent selection of antipasti and pasta, but it's the pizzas that are the undisputed stars here.

Group rules

Because of the need for reservations and limited seats, if you cancel or didn't come (this includes canceling 1 day before) without any explanation, you will get strike 1, strike 2 and if you have 3 strikes you will removed from the group because it shows that you don't care about the organizers and people who were waiting in the waiting list and most especially about the awesome pizzas that were waiting for you to be eaten.

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